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Focusing on mastering my mental skills as much as I do my physical skills will set me up for success next season.

Coaches Corner Now that your gymnasts have set goals, we will spend the next two weeks setting goals for the things they need to learn to get there. And while they need to learn specific gymnastics skills, they also need to learn the gymnastics mindset skills that...

When I start working on a goal for next season now, I can accomplish everything I hope for next year.

Coaches Corner The end of next season feels so far away. But it’s never more real to your gymnasts than right now. Right now they know where they felt frustrated that they ran out of time to get the skills they really wanted. They know where they felt frustrated with...

I will focus on the things from the past year that will help me in the coming year.

Coaches Corner Your gymnasts - and all humans - have a tendency to interpret things as some sort of problem with themselves. Instead of looking back at the season and thinking, Oh I fell a few times, they think, “Oh, I can’t compete well.” Or at one of the events as...

Looking back and evaluating my year now will help set me up for a successful season next year.

Coaches Corner Gymnastics. You haven’t even caught your breath from this last meet season yet - or maybe you are still in it with your upper level gymnast - and it is time to start preparing for next season. For many of your gymnasts, the season is done and fresh in...

Are Your Gymnasts Nervous? Here’s How To Help Them.

Take a minute to think about the last time you felt nervous. When you look inside your body at how nervous feels, what do you notice? Maybe butterflies in your stomach? Or even like you kind of want to jump out of your skin? What about the last time you felt excited?...

The pressure is on, here is how to help your gymnasts perform.

We always think of pressure as something that comes from outside of us. Pressure from other people - our coaches, parents or teammates. Pressure from the situation. Pressure because the outcome really matters. But pressure is really just a feeling. And we know that...

Want to compete with confidence? Here’s secret #3

The third and final pillar of self confidence is the ability to trust yourself to have your own back. To talk to yourself and treat yourself the same way you would talk to and treat your best friend. If things don’t go the way you want them to, if you don’t do...

Want to compete with confidence? Here’s secret #2

The second pillar of self confidence is the ability to trust yourself to feel any feeling. Every single thing you do or don't do is because of how you think it will make you feel. You think you are nervous in competition because you are afraid you might not live up to...

Want to compete with confidence? Here’s secret #1

When we want to feel confident, we usually look to our past for proof that we are able to do the thing we want to feel confident about. But here's the problem. This only works when you are trying to do something you have already done successfully many times. So when...

This is the biggest mistake gymnasts make when competing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a gymnast is to believe that how you perform in training and competition affects your value and your  worth as a gymnast or a person. There are a few reasons this is such a problem. One is that it simply isn’t true. All...


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