Each week, the Gymnastics Mindset Academy coaches sit down and have a conversation with each other or other coaches to talk about gymnastics mindset training tools, techniques and tips.

Week by week you will learn the concepts and tools you need to help your gymnasts overcome performance anxiety, mental blocks, fears and the things that keep them from reaching their goals and dreams.

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Free Mindset Training 

Set yourself up for a successful week. Start it with the Monday Mindset.

Each week we will send you a thought to consider for the week. Just changing one thought can change your entire week. Build on it week after week, and you will begin thinking in incredibly powerful ways.

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Free Guide

The biggest mistake coaches make is trying to help their gymnasts think confidently without addressing the underlying fears and issues causing the fear and doubt in the first place. 

Gymnastics Mindset Training is the most effective method to help your athletes address the real thoughts and fears that keep them from competing with confidence

Teach your gymnasts these 5 critical things to go from nervous and doubtful to calm and confident in competition.

Free Coaches Clinic

Discover how you can enjoy productive practices and confident competitions by helping your gymnasts manage their mindset and master their emotions.

 The FIRST WEDNESDAY of month at NOON EST we will teach you comprehensive, easy to implement mindset training tools and techniques based on proven behavioral science you can be confident in.


Free Introductory Session

Schedule a free, no obligation, 30 minute introductory session.

We will teach you a free goal setting tool and do a short coaching session.

Then we will chat so we can understand your needs and see if you are a good fit for our mindset training program.

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Free Weekly Workout 

Do you want your gymnasts to get weekly mindset coaching and training? Send them to our membership.

Here is just an example of one of our weekly workouts for optional gymnasts. We also create lessons for compulsory kids.

In our membership, each week you get a workout similar to this. A short video teaching and an exercise to help you develop and perfect the skills you need for a strong mental game.