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Lessons with Leah #13 | Dealing with competition nerves and focusing on positive self talk

~ Leah is back and ready for action!

Have you ever been wanting so badly to compete and then when the opportunity comes, instead of just being happy and excited, you start worrying about messing up?

Yeah, it happens to seasoned competitors like Leah too.

In this special podcast series, Florida Gator Leah Clapper takes you behind the scenes in her final season as she and the Gators go after a national title.

To reach her goals and to really enjoy her final season, she is doing mindset coaching with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. And she’s letting you sit in on her sessions.

As Leah Clapper is healing up after a slight ankle injury, she is looking for a spot in the Gator line up this weekend. Stacie and Leah coach through the thoughts and nerves that creep in before a competition.

In this episode:

~ Leah shares her process the last few weeks and what she would go back and tell herself two weeks ago.
~ Stacie and Leah examine the thoughts that creep in about disappointing others.
~ Stacie and Leah talk through what it looks like to be your own best friend and why it is important in meets.
~ Leah shares her super power.
~ They wrap up with great advice for dealing with those doubts and nerves in a competition.

If you ever deal with nerves and fears of disappointing others, or are hard on yourself when you mess up in a meet, this episode is for you!

And we are here to help. Set up a free Going for Gold Strategy Session at gymnasticsmindsetacademy.com to get started on the path to reach your dreams.

Lessons with Leah #9 | Dealing with the Disappointment of Not Competing

-Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a top level gymnast and how they prepare mentally for competition?

Sometimes, they all seem so put together, it is hard to imagine that they struggle with fear, nerves in competition and the same thing as every other gymnast.

Florida Gator Leah Clapper is letting you in behind the scenes in her final season.

Stacie is teaching Leah the tools we use in our program and coaching Leah on the things that every gymnasts struggles with – fear in getting new skills, nerves in competition and how to enjoy meet season more without letting it take over her brain.

Gymnasts, have you ever felt disappointed about not getting to compete?
In this weeks Lessons with Leah, coach Stacie walks Leah through dealing with the disappointment of not getting to compete in the season opener of her final year. The lesson she realized she learned on the other side of it was so valuable, you really won’t want to miss it.

In this episode we cover:
-Why Leah didn’t compete in the season opener.
-Being able to feel multiple emotions at once – and how to focus your brain on the one you want.
-Why doing what you say you will do in everyday life helps you in competition.
-How you can practice that to build confidence for competing.
-Leah’s current challenge in creating new habits and how it is helping her feel more confident.
-How to use visualization when you can’t train as many reps as you want.
-How to visualize when you are struggling with visualizing yourself successfully.

Tune in to help build a confident gymnastics mindset, deal with performance anxiety, focus on positive emotions and learn from Leah!

Introducing Lessons with Leah

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63tdCS65hyIHave you ever wanted to talk to a top level gymnast to hear how she prepares mentally for competition? Here's your chance! In this special podcast series, Florida Gator Leah Clapper takes you behind the scenes in her final...