Discover how to help your gymnast overcome her fears, compete with confidence and believe in herself as much as you believe in her.

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Gymnasts spend countless hours training their body. To move to the next level this year and make the team they are dreaming of in the future, they must also train their brain.


so she can stand on the podium of her dreams.

Have you been wondering how to help your gymnast believe in herself as much as you believe in her?

Gymnastics is a mentally demanding sport. And those mental demands take a toll.

Gymnastics coaches and parents make the mistake of believing that a gymnast should get all the tools she needs from just one place – her coaches.

But the job of a gymnastics coach is to train your gymnast in the gymnastics skills she needs. On multiple events and over time, at many different levels. That is already a lot of knowledge your coaches must have – and teach.

And even though many coaches try to be all things to their gymnasts, their training is not specialized in the mental and emotional tools your gymnast needs. 

She needs the tools to deal with the natural wiring of her brain so she can overcome fear and frustration. 

She needs the tools to deal with perfectionism and self doubt to learn how to compete calmly and confidently.

Gymnastics mindset training is the most effective way to help your gymnast learn the mental skills she needs so she can win in – and out – of the gym.

does this sound familiar?


Your daughter used to love gymnastics and always had so much fun in the gym. But now, she seems to be unhappy more of the time.

She is scared of a skill that she is working on, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She spends a lot of time being frustrated.

She seems disappointed with her current progress in the gym and her results at meets but she doesn’t really talk about it.

Car rides home from the gym and from meets are either uncomfortably silent or full of tears.

You want to see her love the sport again. You want to see her succeed. But you just aren’t sure how to help her.


Your gymnast used to love gymnastics and get her skills easily. But now, she seems to struggle more of the time.

She is scared of a skill that she is working on, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She spends a lot of time being frustrated. Standing and not going or hanging out at the chalk bucket.

And when she gets those skills, actually competing them like she can do them in the gym is a whole other thing.

You want to see her succeed. To love the sport again. To be self motivated and overcome these mental blocks.

But you just aren’t sure how to else to help her and can’t spend any more time trying and taking away from others in her group.

 Here’s Why We Know We Can Help

Learning the needed mental performance skills to overcome fear, actually think positively and  perform confidently is just like learning other gymnastics skills.

To teach your gymnast a gymnastics skill, you take a complex skill and break it down into drills and progressions.

With practice, your gymnast can learn the skill.

In the same way, we take complex behavioral science principles and break it down into drills and progressions.

With practice, your gymnast can learn powerful mental performance skills in the same way.

We have simple, effective gymnastics specific mindset training tools that incorporate the best from cognitive behavioral theory, sports psychology, life coaching and gymnastics.

We can teach your gymnast these tools so that she can overcome her fears and compete with confidence.


Here is what gymnasts, parents and coaches have told us about our program.

Why Gymnasts Love Our Program

Thank you so much! You have been sooooo amazing! I am super grateful for your help getting me one step closer to my dreams! Couldn’t have won this medal without you guys. Forever grateful.

 ~  MyKayla Skinner | US Olympic Silver Medalist

UWL Gymnastics Team

“I loved it! They were very helpful both in and out of school and gave me lots of key tips and tricks to help me with things I struggled with. Ever since I started seeing them weekly, you could see a difference in my gymnastics and confidence in the gym. I will for sure use them next year.”

“I really enjoyed how they helped to rationalize my thoughts. They helped me put all my worries into perspective and it made it so much easier to work through mental issues.”

“I really liked the 15-minute personal sessions because I feel like they helped a lot, but didn’t take up a huge chunk of your day.”

“Ali Berry was such an asset to me. She helped me so much and I still would feel very comfortable talking to her and having her help me with any problem. She is great at what she does.”

“Obviously, they really helped me when I was struggling in the gym, but even if I wasn’t struggling with something specific, meeting with someone every week really helped me stay focused on my goals for season and helped me with my mental health in general.”

“GMA helps tremendously with all thing’s gymnastics. I have benefited from this very much. For me personally they helped me through some of the hardest points in my life so far.”

~ Collegiate Gymnasts| University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Why Parents Love Our Program

My daughter has gained so much confidence working with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. Learning new skills is tricky… In the past she would get frustrated and wouldn’t know what she needed to do to achieve her goal. With the background the coaches have in gymnastics and being able to understand what she is going through and coach her through it is huge. The confidence and being able to know what she needs to meet her goals has helped her so much.

Kathryn Bell | Level 8 Parent

Why Coaches Love Our Program

We absolutely loved your mindset program! We thought Stacie and Ali were wonderful and gave some really awesome tools for not only the girls but us coaches as well. We have encouraged parents to look into your individual coaching sessions.

~ Micaela Barr | Omega Gymnastics


Overcome Her Fears

Your gymnast understands her fear, and knows how to overcome it so she can get her skills.

Compete Confidently

Your gymnast knows how to deal with nerves so she can perform like she practices.

Reach Her Dreams

Your gymnast knows how to deal with the ups and downs so she can reach her dreams.

Imagine going into a meet, completely confident that your gymnast will hit. And watching them hit. When it really counts.

Imagine your gymnast overcoming their fears and mental blocks to perform at a level they’ve only dreamed of.

Imagine your gymnast learning how to create the motivation they need to get through the daily grind of training to stick with it for the long haul.

You don’t have to imagine any longer. Because it’s here!



The simple, yet EFFECTIVE gymnastics mindset coaching program your gymnast can fit between
workouts and school that will help her actually reach those huge gymnastics goals.

 We can help you make those imaginations a reality. And we can do this in SHORT, QUICK sessions that can fit between workouts and school.

  • Laser focused weekly workouts with a video and worksheet that will take less than 10 minutes.
  • Weekly group coaching call to go over the weekly workout and learn from others.
  • A community app for connection with other gymnasts and access to our coaches for help in the “ask a coach” area.

As former gymnasts and coaches, we know your world. We know your gymnast needs to get maximum results in the shortest time possible.

We’ve created a program that is quick and easy to use with powerful results.

🏅 Your gymnast will learn to handle pressure and nerves with ease so they can compete at their very best.

💪 Your gymnast will learn to overcome their fears so they can get those new skills.

😌 Your gymnast will learn to deal with the negative emotions that derail them so they can enjoy their journey.

💭 Your gymnast will be coached in real time so they can learn to apply these tools and reach their dreams.

Weekly Mindset Lesson

Each week your gymnast will have a short video to watch where we teach her the lesson for the week. Then we will give her an activity, worksheet and/or quiz. This helps them build the skills they need in bite sized pieces they can absorb and apply so that with consistent practice  week-by-week they can build a strong mindset.

Weekly Group Coaching

Each week your gymnast will have a group coaching session with one of our certified coaches and other gold member gymnasts where she can get coached on the lesson of the week or anything else she is facing. The gymnasts learn so much from each other and hearing the struggles and solutions of other gymnasts so they know they are not alone.

Mini Training Lessons

In addition to our weekly lesson, we have quick video lessons she can use when she is struggling with a specific issue or needs a refresher on a mindset tool. These are like a coach in your pocket, quick lessons she can use when she needs, available at her finger tips.

Access in our App

She can connect with other gymnasts, do mindset training challenges and find everything she needs in one place. PLUS get access to our coaches in the Ask a Coach section. Here she can get help from our coaches anytime she is struggling – a coach in her pocket.

This is the training your gymnast needs to have a successful season!


What Your Gymnast Will Master in Gold.

We know your world, and we follow the gymnastics year so they get just what they need, just when they need it.

Whether it is setting big goals for the year, overcoming fears while learning new skills, managing their time when they go back to school in the fall, competing with confidence and performing under pressure during season – we have your gymnast covered.

Just like your gymnast learns gymnastics through drills, progressions, skills and routines, we will take them through the year giving them a tool or training they need to face the challenges of gymnastics. Each week will be one bite sized lesson, a quick yet effective coaching session and ongoing support throughout the week in our app.

This lets your gymnast effectively fit in their mindset training, and build on it throughout the year.

After a year, they will have created a rock solid mindset that will serve not only in their sport, but for the rest of their life.

Though we strongly suggest your gymnast spend a year in the program, you can always cancel at any time.

Add it all together, and you will see your gymnast transform into a happy, healthy gymnast who knows how to win – in and out of the gym.

Here is what a year with us looks like:

Compete with Confidence

Compete with Confidence

As your gymnast heads into meet season, we will help her learn how to be confident and believe in herself.

Enjoy the Journey

Instead of getting stressed and dreading her meets, we will help her enjoy meet season with all it’s ups and downs.

Crush Your Season Goals

Now that the beginning of season jitters are passed, we can help your gymnast focus in hard on reaching her season goals.

As the end of season approaches with the final meets of the year, your gymnast may be feeling the pressure. We will help her deal with it like a pro.

The best time to look ahead and set your goals for next season is now while your results are still fresh. We will help your gymnast evaluate last season, learn and determine what she wants next year.

As we head into the summer, this is the perfect time to focus in on daily mindset work. We will help your gymnast practice different self coaching tools each week that will serve her the rest of the year.

Get to the Next Level


As your gymnast works on upgrades, she will often deal with fear and self doubt. We will help her learn how to process the emotions that derail her and develop the ones that will fuel her success.


It’s easy to say “I’ve got this” but much harder to believe. We will help your gymnast learn how to move from a negative, limiting thought to a positive one that will help her succeed.


As your gymnast heads back to school, she needs to learn how to manage her time – and her mind- so that she can fit in a busy training schedule and a life outside the gym.

Season is just around the corner. This is the time for your gymnast to take a look at her progress to her season goal and getting all the skills she needs to compete the level she is training.

As your gymnast is putting the finishing touches on her skills, it is time to prepare her brain for meet season. We begin by teaching her tried and true mental exercises that she will can use now and in season. 

In preparation for season, we will help your gymnast learn how to adopt a positive mindset that will serve as a solid foundation for the mindset work she will do during meet season so that she can perform like she practices and compete with confidence.




We know. You already invest so much time – and money – for her time in the gym.
But all of that investment doesn’t do her much good if you don’t give her the mental and emotional tools she needs to succeed in the gym.

Mindset Matters

Your gymnast’s brain is the most powerful tool they have. To train effectively and win when they compete, they must learn how to use it for them instead of letting it work against them.

Emotions are Fuel

Your gymnast’s emotions are not a problem. They are the fuel for every move they make. But they must learn to generate the emotions that power their journey instead of being derailed by the ones that get in their way.

Dreams are On the Line

Their dreams are too important. They – and you – have likely never learned the skills they need to master their mindset and their emotions. They must learn these skills to reach their dreams.


Compete With Confidence


They will learn to deal with the nerves and the pressure. When they get out on the floor they will know how to feel calm, confident and assured. They will show off their hard work and consistently hit their routines – again and again.

Enjoy Their Journey


They will learn how to deal with the ups and downs of training and competition, the ups and downs of their emotions. They will be able to take it all in stride and truly enjoy the daily grind of training and the experience at competitions.

Reach Their Dreams


Because of these things they will keep at it until they reach their dreams. Whether it is moving up, making the national, olympic or college team or standing on the podium, they will have what it takes to achieve whatever it is they desire. And they will keep at it until they do.


Ali Havel

Ali was an All-American, an Academic All-American, and on the National Championship gymnastics team in 2015 at UWL. She went on to be the assistant coach, recruiting coordinator, and Jr. Eagle Gymnastics Director.

 She currently coaches levels 8-10 at Champions Gymnastics.

Ali also has a bachelors degree in Exercise & Sports Science and a masters in Human Performance- Applied Sports Science. She is also a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

Alis first became exposed to the tools and techniques we teach as a coach. When she saw how these tools worked to help her head coach and her gymnasts as they went after a national championship she was blown away. And so she went on to become a certified life coach, with a passion to bring these tools to the gymnastics community.

Stacie Fletcher

Gymnastics became Stacie’s passion at an early age, and she happily spent her childhood on into college in the gym, first as a gymnast and then as a coach. After college she went on to work in a non profit.

She began blogging to stay connected to gymnastics and became deeply involved in the elite gymnastics media world, connecting with many elite coaches, gymnasts and media in the process. Her time in the elite gymnastics world and especially her trip to Rio in 2016 ignited a passion to do whatever she could to help create avenues for more mental health and emotional support in the gymnastics community.

And so after becoming a life coach from a school based on cognitive behavioral tools, she wanted to bring those tools to every coach, gymnast and parent. For Stacie, there is nothing more satisfying than helping a gymnast reach her dreams, while teaching her the mental and emotional health tools that will help her the rest of her life.

Kathleen Hargrove

Kathleen Hargrove

Coach Kathleen is a certified coach from the Life Coach School. She loves to help others unlock their full potential through coaching.

She was a gymnast, did dance and cheer and later coached gymnastics and cheer for several years.

Coach Kathleen currently lives in Dallas with her husband and 2 dogs. She is a mom of 4 and has 1 granddaughter. Her 4 kids are mostly out of the house with the youngest, a D1 Soccer player, in college.

She enjoys coaching, reading, walking the dogs and traveling with her husband to watch their youngest daughter play D1 college soccer.

Al Annala

Al Annala

Allison has a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance with a minor in coaching and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in physical education. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she was a member of the Division III Gymnastics team. Al was an academic All-American, and member of the first ever WIAC Conference Championship team at Whitewater.

After her time as a gymnast, Al went on to become an Assistant Coach for the Warhawks where her primary duties included coaching beam and recruiting. In 2011, Al started GymHawks Gymnastics as a recreational program, and within 2 years had a USAG team of over 20 competitive gymnasts. In addition, Al worked as a professor in the kinesiology department at Whitewater, teaching many of the classes she took during her undergraduate experience. After 12 years as an assistant coach, professor and program director, Al shifted gears to a new career at UW-Whitewater, Admissions Counselor.

If you ask Al, building relationships with athletes, gaining their trust and teaching them how to trust themselves is the most priceless gift. Coach Al is so excited to continue coaching with the Gymnastics Mindset Academy. As someone who struggled with mental blocks and self confidence as an athlete, she is a firm believer in the power of a strong mind to help set these amazing athletes up for success.


 🏅 Your gymnast will learn to handle pressure and nerves with ease so they can compete at their very best.

💪 Your gymnast will learn to overcome their fears so they no longer hold them back.

😌 Your gymnast will learn to deal with negative emotions so they can enjoy their journey.

💭 Your gymnast will be coached in real time so they can learn to apply these tools and reach their dreams.

Gold Membership | Group Coaching

  • Laser focused weekly workouts with a video and worksheet that will take less than 10 minutes.
  • Weekly group coaching call with one of our coaches and other gymnasts who are going through the same things to go deeper in understanding and answer any questions.
  • Access to all of our courses
    • Calm Your Competition Nerves
    • Overcome Fear, Frustration and Failure
    • Master Your Mental Blocks
    • Mindset 101
  • Limited private coaching spots available at reduced membership rates.

$47 Monthly

Cancel at Any Time




The biggest mistake that many gymnastics parents make is thinking that their gymnast should get everything she needs to be successful in gymnastics from her gym alone.

Even if your coaches have specific training in mental health tools, they simply don’t have extended time out on the floor to spend with each gymnast working through their fears and mental blocks.

And many gymnasts feel intimidated to share their fears with their coaches – even when they have awesome compassionate coaches!


While many parents sign their gymnasts up for our program on their own, we know sometimes you feel hesitant about what your gymnast’s coach might think. Most coaches will love that you want to proactively help your gymnast, and sending them to mindset training is pretty normal in the gymnastics world.

Here is a quick message you might send your coach:

I found this program that I would like to sign my child up for, but I wanted to check in with you and get your opinion first. Would you take a look and let me know?  Here’s the link.

“I think every gymnast should have the opportunity to go to a mindset coach.  It takes one thing off my own plate and provides an expert to help them for 15 minutes, and it’s like night and day when they come back into the gym.  They just needed an outside source where they can let their guard down with someone who isn’t their coach.  As a coach that just takes one responsibilty off of us and allows us to flourish as a team.”

Kasey Crawford

Collegiate Head Coach



A huge mistake gymnastics coaches make is trying to be all things to your gymnasts – gymnastics coach, strength and conditioning coach, dance instructor, mindset coach, nutritionist, hair dresser… but it is just not possible.

Even if you have the training and tools to coach your athletes on their mindset, you simply don’t have the time to spend out on the floor.

And oftentimes, even if you are a kind, compassionate coach, your gymnasts are intimidated to talk to you about their fears.

Coach Kasey recently told us, “You have to have some humility to say I don’t have to be the one that always has the answer. Or maybe you do have the answer, but sometimes your gymnast can’t hear it from you.”


Many coaches feel reticent to ask their parents to do one more thing. But often, those parents are watching their child struggle to get her knew skills and just want to know how they can help her. Check out what one of our level 7 parents had to say. —>

Here is a quick message you might send your parents:

I found this program that I think will really help your gymnast. I want to do as much as we can to set her up for success next year, and I think mindset training will be hugely beneficial. Check out this mindset training program and let me know what you think. Here’s the link.

“We initially thought, oh gosh, another thing we have to get her on to do, we really didn’t know how important it was. But our daughter absolutely finds it so helpful! It really has made an impact on her and I have learned that gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of mental preperation and support… this program gives them the tools to be successful physically and mentally. And it is really helpful for parents too. I have learned so much listening in on her lessons”

Michelle Swope

Level 7 Parent



BONUS #1 for Parents

As a parent, it can be hard to know how to support your gymnast when they are dealing with fear and frustration. You aren’t sure what to say or how to encourage them. And it can be so easy to get used to their amazing abilities, it can sometimes be hard to understand their fears.


That’s why as an added bonus we are providing a space in our app where you can ask questions, connect with other gym parents and get updates from our coaches as we take them through the week in the private parents portal section of our app.


In addition, we will occasionally host a coaching call just for parents. This will be a time where we can catch you up on what we are teaching your gymnasts, give you suggestions for supporting them and answer any questions.

BONUS #2 for Coaches

As a coach, we know you want to be in the loop when your gymnasts are getting coaching from another source. While you don’t have the time out on the floor to deeply address the mental and emotional side of life, you also don’t want to be in the dark to what your gymnasts are being taught.


That’s why as an added bonus we are providing a space in our app where you can ask questions, connect with other coaches and get updates from our coaches as we take them through the year in the private coaches section of our app.  Stay in the loop and in the know.


In addition, we will occasionally host a coaching call just for coaches. This will be a time where we can catch you up on what we are teaching your gymnasts, give you suggestions for supporting them and answer any questions.


BONUS #3 for Gymnasts

Sometimes waiting for the next coaching session just won’t cut it. Your gymnast needs some help now!


That’s why as an added bonus we are providing access to our coaches. We  have a space in our app called Ask a Coach, where your gymnast can message in her question or struggle as she is having it.

We will answer her in the chat and help her asap. Just let her coach know that she has mindset support in her pocket and that she OR the coach can jump in the chat and get support when she needs it.


BONUS #4 for Gymnasts

Sometimes the fear just seems to take over, and it is hard to know what to do in the moment. You just need something quick to get mastery over your fear instead of letting it master you.


That’s why as an added bonus we are providing voice guided fear busting activities you can easily do anywhere. Take these along with you and practice them on the way to gym. Or ask your coach for a quick time out to go do a guided exercise – so you can come back ready to tackle your skill.


BONUS #5 for Gymnasts

Mindset tools aren’t the only thing your gymnast needs outside of her gymnastics training. Nutrition plays a key role.


There are so many myths out there about what your gymnast needs to eat. And it can be confusing! But getting enough fuel is key to your gymnasts success. So we have included a guest lesson from the Gymnast RD to help get your gymnast started on a healthy fueling journey.



Calm Your Competition Nerves Course

BONUS COURSE for Gymnasts

Nervousness. Worry. Doubt. They are familiar feelings for your gymnast. And it stops her from performing at her best, reaching her potential, reaching her dreams. Which leads to frustration. And the more fear and frustration lead to falls and mistakes in meets, the less your gymnast believes in her abilities to hit in competition.


Your gymnast will learn four proven mindset exercises that she can use on the floor at a meet to calm her nerves. Then she can focus on her gymnastics and hitting her routines in competition.

Help her score at her potential so she can stand on the podium today and make that college or national team she is dreaming of in the years to come.

This mini-course includes video lessons, learning activities and live training replays that help her really learn these four skills.

$97 Value

BONUS COURSE for Gymnasts

From time to time, gymnasts deal with mental blocks. They know they can physically do the skill, but something is keeping them from going or getting it. This is incredibly frustrating for gymnasts, and the more times they try and fail, the more convinced they become they can’t get it.


The gymnastics mindset training course that helps gymnasts get the skills they are struggling with so they can have a successful season. This is the training that shows the struggling gymnast the fastest, most effective way to get the skills she needs to compete this season.

$197 Value

BONUS COURSE for Gymnasts

Fear. It is a familiar feeling for your gymnast. And it stops her from getting her skills, reaching her potential, reaching her dreams. Which leads to frustration. And the more fear and frustration lead to failed attempts, the less your gymnast believes in her abilities to get her skills.


The gymnastics mindset training course that helps gymnasts get the skills they are struggling with so they can have a successful season. We teach gymnasts the Four F’s – a simple process they can use to understand what’s blocking them, diffuse it and refocus on a strategy to get their skill. Four modules plus the replay of our two hour training session with gymnasts.

$197 Value

BONUS COURSE for Gymnasts

Gymnasts need a strong mental foundation to succeed in this mentally gruelling sport.


This powerful four week course will help your gymnast learn the tools she needs for productive practices and confident competitions. Just like your daily complex teaches you the basic shapes and movements you need in gymnastics, this is like the complex for mindset. Your gymnast will learn four powerful mindset principles wrapped into one easy to use mental tool that she can use anywhere, anytime.

$197 Value

Need some peace of mind?

It’s hard enough to commit yourself to something, know it you will do it and know if it will help. We know it is even harder to do the same for someone else, especially a kid. So we want to make it simple for you.



If after your gymnast goes to her first coaching call, she decides it is just not for her, request a full refund within the first week, no questions asked. Just email Kathleen at theteam@gymmindsetacademy.com.



Though we recommend at least a full year in our  program so that your gymnast will learn all the tools and have the chance to apply them in each part of the gymnastics year, you can cancel anytime. Simply go to your account and cancel your membership subscription.

Got questions or concerns? We’ve Got Answers!

When are the coaching sessions?

Group coaching session times change with the gymnastics season, and will be announced.

Individual coaching sessions (additional cost) are scheduled at a time that works for you and the coach of your choice.

Is the membership appropriate for all ages and levels?

The videos and worksheets in the weekly workout come in two categories:

  • 10 and under, primarily using compulsory skills for women’s gymnastics as examples.
  • 11 years old and up, primarily using optional skills for women’s gymnastics as examples.

In private coaching we can contextualize specifically based on age and level.

In group coaching we often break out into optionals and compulsories, but will work with you to determine the best approach.

Can my whole family use the membership?

Your entire family is welcome to use one login and go throught the content. However, each individual membership comes with one weekly coaching session. As many immediate family members as you would are welcome to attend the coaching session. However, if you would like your children or yourself to each receive private coaching, you will need to purchase one membership for each weekly coaching session.

What if I am already part of a team membership?

As your gymnast already has access to the weekly content, we will give you a $50/month discount. Just email us for the code at theteam@gymmindsetacdemy.com.

My gymnast is already so busy! How can we find the time?

This is something that you can’t afford NOT to find the time for. What is the use spending day after day training when they are not getting in quality training time?

In fact, one of the things we work on with gymnasts is how to balance their busy schedule!

Your gymnast’s brain is in charge. If she is not spending time training her brain, she is spending a lot of time spinning her wheels.

We do SHORT, EFFECTIVE sessions. We know how limited their time is so we make every second count.

We have gymnasts with all situations and schedules. We all make it work. We will work with to do the same.

I'm Already Spending So Much on Tuition & Fees, Is this REALLY Needed?

We know. Gymnastics is not the cheapest sport your daughter could have chosen. But here’s the thing. When you are already investing SO MUCH TIME AND MONEY, why would you not invest in the one thing that will help the most?

A level 9 parent – who’s daughter recently quit – told us this. “I spend so much of our lives, and so much time on her gymnastics. And in the end, I wish I would have known about this sooner. She ended up quitting, and not because she truely didn’t love it anymore, but because she just had grown so frustrated. I so wish I would have known about this training before she gave it all up. Feels like we invested so much… for nothing.

And a current nation team member’s mom told us this. “I had no idea the mental and emotional toll it was taking on her. If I had ANY advice to give parents, it would be to invest in mental training as soon as possible. There gets to be a point where the damage is done, and it is just too late to really undo it.”

Gymnastics is an incredibly tough sport mentally and emotionally at an incredibly young age. It’s not fair to expect so much of your daughter and not give her the tools she needs to be successful.

And the invest you make into mental coaching reaches far beyond gymnastics. It teaches her life skills that most adults have never learned.

If there is ANYTHING you are going to spend money on for you child, their mental and emotional health – and the mindset tools they need to succeed at whatever they set out to do – are the most valuable things you can give them.

So what else are you waiting for?

Your gymnast has nothing to lose and everything to gain … give her the tools she needs to succeed in gymnastics – and in life.

Here’s the thing. So many parents come to us and say their daughter is struggling. But it’s too much time and money to invest now. And then they come back later and their daughter is in crisis. And the work to get her out of the emotional hole she is in is enormous. More often than not, she wants to quit and this is a last ditch effort to keep her in.

But it simply doesn’t need to be that drastic. Get her the tools she WILL need in gymnastics now.