Why Gymnasts Love Working with Us

Thank you so much! You have been sooooo amazing! I am super grateful for your help getting me one step closer to my dreams! Couldn’t have won this medal without you guys. Forever grateful.

 ~  MyKayla Skinner | US Olympic Silver Medalist

UWL Gymnastics Team

“I loved it! They were very helpful both in and out of school and gave me lots of key tips and tricks to help me with things I struggled with. Ever since I started seeing them weekly, you could see a difference in my gymnastics and confidence in the gym. I will for sure use them next year.”

“I really enjoyed how they helped to rationalize my thoughts. They helped me put all my worries into perspective and it made it so much easier to work through mental issues.”

“I really liked the 15-minute personal sessions because I feel like they helped a lot, but didn’t take up a huge chunk of your day.”

“Ali Berry was such an asset to me. She helped me so much and I still would feel very comfortable talking to her and having her help me with any problem. She is great at what she does.”

“Obviously, they really helped me when I was struggling in the gym, but even if I wasn’t struggling with something specific, meeting with someone every week really helped me stay focused on my goals for season and helped me with my mental health in general.”

“GMA helps tremendously with all thing’s gymnastics. I have benefited from this very much. For me personally they helped me through some of the hardest points in my life so far.”

~ Collegiate Gymnasts| University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Why Parents Love Our Program

“My daughter has gained so much confidence working with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. Learning new skills is tricky… In the past she would get frustrated and wouldn’t know what she needed to do to achieve her goal. With the background the coaches have in gymnastics and being able to understand what she is going through and coach her through it is huge. The confidence and being able to know what she needs to meet her goals has helped her so much.”

~Kathryn Bell | Level 8 Parent

“We initially thought, oh gosh, another thing we have to get her on to do, we really didn’t know how important it was. But our daughter absolutely finds it so helpful! It really has made an impact on her and I have learned that gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of mental preparation and support… this program gives them the tools to be successful physically and mentally. And it is really helpful for parents too. I have learned so much listening in on her lessons”

~Michelle Swope | Level 7 Parent

“I talked with my daughter’s coach the other day and she told me how she is a totally different person in the gym compared to where she was last year. Her coach said she is so much more confident and happy. I guess they also overheard her talking with a teammate about her mindset training and how if you actually put the work it, it works, imagine that! I am so thankful she has you and is now seeing the benefits. She never complains about meeting.”

~ Michelle Nelson | Level 9 Parent

Why Coaches Love Our Program

“We absolutely loved your mindset program!  We thought Stacie and Ali were wonderful and gave some really awesome tools for not only the girls but us coaches as well. We have encouraged parents to look into your individual coaching sessions.”

~Micaela Barr | Omega Gymnastics

“I think every gymnast should have the opportunity to go to a mindset coach. It takes one thing off my own plate and provides an expert to help them for 15 minutes, and it’s like night and day when they come back into the gym. They just needed an outside source where they can let their guard down with someone who isn’t their coach. As a coach that just takes one responsibility off of us and allows us to flourish as a team.”

~Kasey Crawford | Collegiate Head Coach