Looking back and evaluating my year now will help set me up for a successful season next year.

by | May 2, 2022 | Monday Mindset

Coaches Corner


You haven’t even caught your breath from this last meet season yet – or maybe you are still in it with your upper level gymnast – and it is time to start preparing for next season.

For many of your gymnasts, the season is done and fresh in their minds.

So before you move on into training for the next season, it can be really helpful to take some time to help your gymnasts evaluate the past year.

It’s AMAZING the insights your gymnasts can have this time of year.

So you want to take advantage of it.

They see the results right now for the last year’s worth of work.

And if you guide them, they will be able to see the actions and beliefs over the past year that got them here.

Like form and basics and how much they ended up mattering at the big meets.

Or how the spent the first half of their season still just trying to get their skills and how much more confident they would feel if they got all their skills this summer and fall.

This will help them be so much more motivated to do the work they need to do, and to do it well in the coming months.

And to face their fears more quickly as they work to upgrade their skills.

So here is what we teach the gymnasts.

You can always send them over to our social media to have them hear it from us!

Looking Back to Look Ahead

Your meet season is done, or is coming to a close very soon.

While everything is still fresh in your mind, this is the time to evaluate how things have gone this year.

So that you can decide where you want to be this time next year.

And have plenty of time to really create that future.

So let’s take a look back at your year.

Did you meet your season goal?

What are you making that mean – either way – about you as a gymnast?

When you remember back, what were the most important things you learned?

What were the most important mindset shifts you made?

What were the most important things you did?

What are you proud of?

What do you wish you would have done differently?

What story are you telling yourself about the year?

It is important to remember that you were the one who created the result.

Take note of the lessons you learned that you want to take with you into the coming year.

So that you can make the coming year all that you want it to be.

And celebrate your hard work, all the success you achieved day in and day out!