One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a gymnast is to believe that how you perform in training and competition affects your value and your  worth as a gymnast or a person.

There are a few reasons this is such a problem.

One is that it simply isn’t true.

All human beings are valuable and worthy simply because they are human.

Imagine a $100 bill. How much is it worth?

Now imagine it does tricks and spins and flips around.

How much is it worth?

The same!

Because you cannot change the value of a $100 bill by what it does.

It is simply worth what it is worth.

And for humans, that is same.

A human is 100% worthy. Period.

What they do or don’t do doesn’t change it.

And so as a gymnast, you are 100% worthy simply because you are human.

You can’t increase your worthiness by performing well.

And you can’t decrease it by performing poorly.

They simply have nothing to do with each other.

The other reason it is a problem is because it creates unnecessary pressure.

And pressure creates feelings like worry, anxious, defeat, frustration.

These emotions are not great fuel for a good performance.

So even if it WERE true, it is just not a belief that will help you in any way.

And the last reason it’s a problem is because the belief that your performance determines your worth will greatly diminish your enjoyment of gymnastics and competing.

You will constantly be on an emotional roller coaster depending on your last turn, your last routine, your last meet.

And it is totally unnecessary.

So get to work on letting go of that belief.

We taught you how last month.

Let’s work this week on “I am 100% loveable and worthy and valuable no matter how I perform.”