Want to compete with confidence? Here’s secret #2

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Monday Mindset

The second pillar of self confidence is the ability to trust yourself to feel any feeling.

Every single thing you do or don’t do is because of how you think it will make you feel.

You think you are nervous in competition because you are afraid you might not live up to your expectations, your coaches expectations or your teammates expectations.

Because you might make a mistake or even worse, fall.

But the real reason you are nervous is because of how you will FEEL if those things happen.

You are nervous in competition because you are afraid of how you will feel if you don’t perform as well as you think you can.

If you make a mistake. Or if others think you didn’t do well.

You are afraid to feel the emotions that follow. Embarrassment. Rejection.

Humiliation. Failure. Fear. Sadness.

When you can feel these emotions without a problem, you won’t be afraid of anything.

When you are no longer afraid to feel any feeling, you become unstoppable.

Imagine going into a competition, totally able and willing to feel any emotion, including disappointment, frustration, embarrassment, let down, or ashamed.

Then, no matter what happens in the meet, you can handle it and it is totally fine.

Sure you might feel the feeling, but that’s ok.

It is just a vibration in your body that you can process and move on from.

When you go into a competition and know that you can handle anything that happens because you can feel any feeling, then you will feel confidence like you never have before.

Then you will be able to generate the fuel that will POWER you to compete at your very best.

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