Have you ever tried mindset work only to see it fall flat?

Encourage your kids with affirmations, visualization and breathing exercises, but to no avail.

They keep on thinking the same destructive thoughts and dealing with the same fears and doubts.

Your gymnasts’ brains and emotions are at the core of everything they actually do.

But if they want a positive mindset that gets them to the results they want, they have to put in the work.

Doing their own mindset work daily is as important as the rest of their gymnastics practice.

And developing a mental self-coaching practice will help your gymnasts in every area of life.

For the rest of their life.

So this month we are teaching them a new tool each week that they can use regularly to work on their mindset.

This week, we are teaching them to observe their own thoughts as a curious and compassionate observer.

Here is what we are teaching them.

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