When I start working on a goal for next season now, I can accomplish everything I hope for next year.

by | May 16, 2022 | Monday Mindset

Coaches Corner

The end of next season feels so far away.

But it’s never more real to your gymnasts than right now.

Right now they know where they felt frustrated that they ran out of time to get the skills they really wanted.

They know where they felt frustrated with their ability to perform like the practice.

They know where they got deducted on their form and their sticks and their shapes.

They will be more motivated to work on all those things NOW.

If they have a reason to.

And that reason is having a lot of time to go after a big goal.

So that this time next year, they get to accomplish what they didn’t quite get to this year.

They will be more motivated to put in the work on drills and form and upgrades now when they see the big picture.

So we like to ask them to set their goals for next year – measurable, specific, big goals – right now.

So here is what we teach the gymnasts.

You can always send them over to our social media to have them hear it from us!


Set a Season Success Goal

It’s goal time again!

What, what? You just finished your season you say?

Yup! And gymnastics never stops.

Right now, you have a WHOLE year before you.

When you set goals, you are giving yourself the ability to accomplish far more than you would otherwise.

Think about this.

Imagine if I asked you to jump up onto a panel mat.

Imagine yourself doing it.

How high did you go?

Now, imagine yourself jumping onto four panel mats.

How high did you go that time?

Even if you didn’t make it, I bet you still jumped WAY higher.

Even just in your mind.

When you set a goal, even if you don’t reach that goal, you will achieve way more than if you don’t shoot for anything.

Your brain needs a reason to put in hard work.

And something to focus on.

So a goal gives it that.

A goal that you will know if you accomplished or not.

So let’s decide what you want to shoot for this time next year.

Here are some ideas:

A specific all-around score.

Qualifying to the next level.

Placing in the top 3 or 10 or whatever at the highest meet you could go to.

Hitting four for four at atleast four meets.

Qualifying to the highest meet for your level (state, regionals, nationals)

Signing with a college.

Or anything else you desire.

So pick a goal.

Write it down.

And then just like before, decide your why.

What is your compelling reason?

Write that down too.

And let’s get to work.