Gymnastics Mindset Coaching for Gymnasts with Big Dreams

Unlock Your True Gymnastics Potential So You Can Take Your Gymnastics to the Next Level!

The Proven 4-step Mindset Method Successful Gymnasts Use for Mental Mastery…

So You Can Master New Skills, Get to the Next Level and Hit Consistently in Competition!

Can you imagine thinking you just need to be stronger but never actually doing strength and conditioning to get there?

Thinking you just need to be MENTALLY stronger but never actually doing mental training to get there is just as crazy! All serious high level gymnasts need mindset training to perform at their very best.

What if I told you that mental training can be SIMPLE. QUICK. EFFECTIVE. And changing your mindset can be as simple as learning a new skill.

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Gymnastics Mindset Coaching for Gymnasts with Big Dreams

Unlock Your True Gymnastics Potential So You Can Take Your Gymnastics to the Next Level!

The Proven 4-step Mindset Method Successful Gymnasts Use for Mental Mastery…

So You Can Master New Skills, Get to the Next Level and Hit Consistently in Competition!

Can you imagine thinking you just need to be stronger but never actually doing strength and conditioning to get there?

Thinking you just need to be MENTALLY stronger but never actually doing mental training to get there is just as crazy! All serious high level gymnasts need mindset training to perform at their very best.

What if I told you that mental training can be SIMPLE. QUICK. EFFECTIVE. And changing your mindset can be as simple as learning a new skill.

Click the Button Below to Get Master Your Gymnastics Mindset TODAY!


so you can take your gymnastics to the next level!

Does this feel familiar?


You love gymnastics. Most of the time. But recently, you’ve been struggling with something that is making it harder to enjoy gymnastics.

And it’s been holding you back from performing at your absolute best.

While it can seem like the struggle is to get the skills you really want to be at the top… or to perform in those big meets like you do in practice… the reality is that it’s not really about your physical gymnastics.

It’s about conquering the mental and emotional hurdles that stand in your way.

You’ve been wrestling with self-doubt, questioning whether you have what it takes to turn those dreams into a reality – or if the people around you believe in you.

And while you try to think positively, try to believe you can do it… it’s just not working.

And not only does that put a damper on your long term dreams, it’s coming out in your gymnastics every single day.


Girl on vault crimson icon


You are able to deal with the nerves and the pressure. You can control your emotions because you are mentally tough and emotionally healthy. When you get out on the floor, you feel calm, confident and assured. So you can show off your hard work and consistently hit your routines.


You know how to deal with the ups and downs of training and competition. You have the tools to deal with difficult situations, team dynamics and coaching relationships. You are able to take it all in stride and have productive practices and confident competitions.


Thanks to your determination and these tools, you can persevere until you reach your dreams. You’ll learn how to navigate the tough days without giving up. Whether it’s moving up, securing your spot on the team, or standing proudly on that podium, you’ll possess the mental and emotional skills to conquer whatever you set your heart on.

Here’s Why We Know We Can Help


Learning the mental skills to overcome fear, actually think positively and perform confidently is just like learning any gymnastics skill.

To learn a gymnastics skill, you take something that is complex and break it down into drills and progressions.

You practice a drill over and over again. You put the pieces together of the progression until it is a skill. And you practice that over and over again. You move that skill from the pit, to soft surfaces, to competition mats. And finally you put it in a routine.

In the same way, we take complex processes in the brain and break it down into drills, skills, progressions.

With practice and repetition, you get the mental skill. You put it together with other mental skills and eventually you can apply it anywhere, anytime.

To create ANY result you want.

We have used this methodology to create simple, effective gymnastics mindset training tools that build upon each other over time.

We have taken the best from cognitive behavioral training, sports psychology, subconconcious brain training methods, life coaching and gymnastics coaching.

And we have put it together in a fun, easy way to master these skills.

Not just for gymnastics. But for life.

So you can master your fears, overcome self doubt and reach your potential.

Get to that next level and make the team of your dreams.


Here is what gymnasts, parents and coaches have told us about our program.

Why Gymnasts Love Our Program

Thank you so much! You have been sooooo amazing! I am super grateful for your help getting me one step closer to my dreams! Couldn’t have won this medal without you guys. Forever grateful.

~  MyKayla Skinner | US Olympic Silver Medalist

UWL Gymnastics Team

“I loved it! They were very helpful both in and out of school and gave me lots of key tips and tricks to help me with things I struggled with. Ever since I started seeing them weekly, you could see a difference in my gymnastics and confidence in the gym. I will for sure use them next year.”

“I really enjoyed how they helped to rationalize my thoughts. They helped me put all my worries into perspective and it made it so much easier to work through mental issues.”

“Obviously, they really helped me when I was struggling in the gym, but even if I wasn’t struggling with something specific, meeting with someone every week really helped me stay focused on my goals for season and helped me with my mental health in general.”

~ Collegiate Gymnasts| University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Why Parents Love Our Program

Why Coaches Love Our Program


Overcome Fears

You understands your fear, and know how to overcome it so you can get your skills.

Compete Confidently

You know how to deal with nerves so you can perform like you practice.

Reach Your Dreams

You know how to deal with the ups and downs so you can reach your dreams.

Imagine going into a meet, completely confident that you will hit. And then hitting four for four. When it really counts.

Imagine overcoming fear or even mental blocks to perform at a level you’ve only dreamed of.

Imagine creating the motivation you need to get through the daily grind of training to stick with it for the long haul.

You don’t have to imagine any longer. Because it’s here!



The Proven 4-step Mindset Method Successful Gymnasts Use for Mental Mastery…

So You Can Get On Top of the Podium Without All the Stress!

Digital Product Mockup for Mindset 101: computer, phone, workbook, certificate, materials

Four Principles

Get the four foundational gymnastics mindset training principles needed to master their mindset and balance their emotions.

Once you understand these principles, you will understand exactly why and how you are getting your current results in the gym and on the competition floor.

This will give you the power to actually begin to change them.

Female Gymnast Posing on Floor in Red and White leotard
Female Gymnast on floor doing head back pose wearing white and red/black highlight leotard

 One Simple Tool

The four foundational principles come together in one simple tool.

We will teach you this tool so you can use it again and again to create powerful results.

Results like performing under pressure.  Getting on top of the podium. And actually having fun along the way.


IMMEDIATE course access when you join!

  • Learn this powerful mindset tool through👩🏽‍💻 video lessons, step-by-step worksheets, activities and quizzes 💯.
  • On the go access to the course anytime in our app📱so you can fit it in between practice and the rest of life.
  • Get help 🙋🏻‍♀️ when you need it with the Ask a Coach 💬 portal in our app.
  • Take your learning to a whole new level 📈 and really learn how to 🤸🏼 apply it in the gym with our  🙌🏼 GMA coaches. Watch 🧑🏼‍💻 replays on demand and join our 🗓  next GMA SQUAD for group coaching calls or get 1:1 🔝 Next Level Coaching.
Mindset 101: Uncover Your Thoughts


Your mindset directs everything you do. But you are not usually even aware of what you’re thinking. We will teach you to understand your brain and where it is getting in your way.

Mindset 101: Work with Your Emotions


Gymnasts are always taught to set their emotions aside. But emotions fuel the actions we take. We will teach you how to feel any emotion without a problem. And how to generate the emotions you need.

Mindset 101: Take Massive Action


Mindset isn’t just about thinking something and then magically it happens. You will learn a simple tool to help you understand how your thoughts and emotions are affecting you. When you can observe and understand it, you are on the way to being able to change it.

Train Your Brain Daily


This is no more a one and done kind of thing than anything else in training. You will learn the final piece of the puzzle use this tool on any skill or situation you need it.  And when you do, the results will amaze you. But what’s even better, you will enjoy the journey so much more.

Mindset 101: Take Massive Action


Once you find the new thoughts that will get the results you want, the next challenge can be believing it. You will learn a step-by-step approach to help you actually believe your new thought. This is the secret ingredient!

Train Your Brain Daily


Learning new concepts is powerful, but just like in the gym, having a coach to guide you in applying these concepts out on the gym floor will make all the difference. Choose from coaching call replays in the self-paced course, ask a coach in our app or 1:1 coaching to get the support you need to master your mindset.


Our Gymnastics Mindet Academy Coaching Team Are Trained Mindset Coaches with a BAckground in Gymnastics.

This Makes Us Unique Becasue we Bring a Deep Understanding of the Gymnastics World AND the Brain

Ali Havel

Ali is a certified coach from the Life Coach School. She has a bachelors degree in Exercise & Sports Science and a masters in Human Performance- Applied Sports Science. She is also a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Ali was an All-American, an Academic All-American, and on the National Championship gymnastics team in 2015 at UWL. She went on to be the assistant coach, recruiting coordinator, and Jr. Eagle Gymnastics Director.

Ali is passionate about helping gymnasts have an amazing college gymnastics experience where they can reach their true potential. She helps high school gymnasts thrive and bring their best while finding their best fit for college.

Stacie Fletcher

Stacie is a certified coach from the Life Coach School. She spent 20 years working with college students to navigate the ups and downs of college life. She has been deeply involved in gymnastics her entire life, first as a club gymnast, then a level 5-9 coach and finally as gymnastics media. 

Stacie’s time in the elite gymnastics media world and especially her trip to Rio in 2016 ignited a passion to do whatever she could to help create avenues for more mental health and emotional support in the gymnastics community.

Stacie is passionate about helping high level gymnasts reach their dreams of making college, national, world and olympic teams and actually thriving mentally and emotionally along the way.

Al Annala

Al Annala

Allison has a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance with a minor in coaching and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in physical education.

Al was an academic All-American, and member of the first ever WIAC Conference Championship team at Whitewater. She went on to be the assistant coach, recruiting coordinator, and director of GymHawks Gymnastics .

As someone who struggled with mental blocks and self confidence as an athlete, Al is passionate about helping gymnasts succeed with the power of a strong mind.

Kathleen Hargrove

Kathleen Hargrove

Kathleen is a certified coach from the Life Coach School. She loves to help others unlock their full potential through coaching.

She was a gymnast, did dance and cheer and later coached gymnastics and cheer for several years.

She is also the parent of a D1 soccer player and has seen the ups and downs of the sports recruiting journey firsthand.

She is passionate about helping gymnasts reach their athletic and academic goals and believes that mindset coaching is the key to get there.

Kathleen Hargrove

Roslyn Brown

Roslyn is a certified coach from the Life Coach School. She is also a certified teacher with an M.A. in Educational Leadership. Roslyn has worked for almost 2 decades in the school system and non-profits supporting teens through education and overall wellness.

She has also been involved in gymnastics her whole life. She was a gymnast, a club coach, a judge, and a mom of a Level 10 gymnast.

Her passion for the sport has led to her strong desire to support gymnasts who aspire to be the best that they can be and believes that managing the mind is the first step in achieving dreams!



We know. You already invest so much time – and money – in the gym.
But all of that investment doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have the mental and emotional tools you need to actually make use of all that time in the gym.


Mindset Matters

Your brain is the most powerful tool you have. It controls every single thing you do. To train effectively and win when you compete, you must learn how to use it for you instead of letting it work against you.


Emotions are Fuel

Your emotions are not a problem. They are the fuel for every move you make. But you must learn to generate the emotions that power your journey instead of being derailed by the ones that get in your way.


Your Dreams Matter

Your dreams are too important to be unequipped to reach them. It’s unlikely that you’ve learned the skills you need to master your mindset and balance your emotions. You must learn these skills to reach your dreams.


It’s time to decide. Keep on trying to “just be more positive” and just get mentally stronger without putting in the work to get there.

Or you can try to piece together videos on instagram and youtube to learn some mindset skills.

Or you can use this simple but powerful 4 step process based on proven behavioral science, guided by experts.

Master Your

Gymnastics Mindset

  • Video lessons, step-by-step worksheets, challenges, activities and quizzes.
  • On the go access to the course anytime in our app.
  • On the go access to our coaches in our community app.
  • Parent portal and parent email training series to learn what they are learning and how to help.
  • Coaching call replays on demand.


  • Actually Think Positively – Introduction to the Thought Ladder.
  • Mindset Meditations to help rewire your subconscious brain with new beliefs and ways of thinking.
  • Visualization Guide to help you actually visualize yourself doing your skills and routines successfully.

Course with Group Coaching


Level 3-10/College/Elite

For competitive gymnasts who prefer to learn at their own pace. 

Includes instant access to  the course plus Ask A Coach & Gymnast Community


  • You want instant access to our proven course curriculum with on-demand trainings, mindset resources, and coaching replays.
  • You prefer the flexibility of a self-study program that you can watch and learn from on your own time frame.
  • You’re committed to learning the gymnastics mindset model and motivated to get through the course on your own.
  • You’d like to explore the content and teaching style before committing to a coaching program.

Course with Private Coaching


Level 6-10/College/Elite

For competitive gymnasts who prefer to learn with a dedicated 1:1 coach.  

Includes instant access to everything in the course plus 6 1:1 coaching sessions.


  • You are a level 6-10/elite gymnast who has big goals and dreams and want the training and support you need to get there.
  • You prefer the accountability and support of a 1:1 coach to actually implement the mindset training to it’s fullest potential.
  • You’re struggling with a mental block, competition anxiety or the pressure and stress of gymnastics and want the individualized attention from an expert coach to get through it.

You will be matched with your coach based on your intake form. If after the first coaching session you don’t feel like it’s a match, we will refund you for the package.

Need some peace of mind?

It’s hard enough to commit yourself to something, know it you will do it and know if it will help.  So we want to make it simple for you.


90 Day Money Back Guarentee

If you have completed the four modules (modules must be marked complete in the course) and have done each worksheet but do not feel that it was helpful, request a full refund. Just email us with a pic of the completed worksheets at theteam@gymmindsetacademy.com.



If you invest in the coaching package and after you do your first coaching call,you know it is just not for you, request a full refund within the first week. Just email us at theteam@gymmindsetacademy.com.


We aren’t stopping there. Check out the bonuses!

BONUS #1 Mindset Meditations

95% of the time your subconcious brain is in charge. These meditative exercises help re-wire your subconcious brain as you rebuild your concious thoughts with the work in the course.


Your subconcious or primary brain doesn’t “speak the same language” as your concious brain. That’s why you can work so hard to believe something, but it just doesn’t stick.

Most of the wiring of this part of the brain happened by age 7. These meditative exercises will help you rewire this part of your brain and can be done at night before bed to also help relax you for a restful night sleep.



BONUS #2 Victorious Visualizations

Visualizing is an incredibly powerful tool when done correctly. But many gymnasts struggle to see themselves successfully completiting skills or hittting in competition when they visualize.


That’s why as an added bonus we are teaching you how to visualize successfully, even when you don’t believe in your ability to do the skill or compete.

And even if you are great at it, these vizualization techniques will take it to the next level.



BONUS #3 Ask A Coach

Sometimes waiting for the next coaching session just won’t cut it. You need some help now!


That’s why as an added bonus, we are providing access to our coaches. We  have a space in our app called Ask a Coach, where you can message your question or struggle as it’s happening.

We will answer asap. Just let your coach know that you have mindset support in her pocket and that you OR your coach can jump in the chat and get support when you need it.

You also get access to a community of gymnasts for added support, encouragement and celebrations.


BONUS #4 Parents Portal

As a parent, it can be hard to know how to support your gymnast when they are dealing with fear and frustration. You aren’t sure what to say or how to encourage them. And it can be so easy to get used to their amazing abilities, it can sometimes be hard to understand their fears.


That’s why as an added bonus we are providing a space in our app where you can ask questions, connect with other gym parents and get updates from our coaches as we take them through the week in the private parents portal section of our app.


In addition, we will occasionally host a coaching call just for parents. This will be a time where we can catch you up on what we are teaching your gymnasts, give you suggestions for supporting them and answer any questions.


Gymnasts, wondering if your coaches will be on board?


The biggest mistake that many gymnasts make is thinking that you should get everything you need to be successful in gymnastics from your gym alone.

Even if your coaches have specific training in mental health tools, they simply don’t have extended time out on the floor to spend with each gymnast working through their fears and mental blocks.

And many gymnasts feel intimidated to share their fears with their coaches – even when they have awesome compassionate coaches!


While many gymnasts sign up for our program on their own, or even without their coaches being involved, we know sometimes you feel hesitant about what your gymnast’s coach might think. Most coaches will love that you want to be proactively, and even if they are “old school,” mindset training is becoming pretty normal in the gymnastics world.

Here is a quick message you might send your coach:

I found this program that I would like to sign up for, but I wanted to check in with you and get your opinion first. Would you take a look and let me know?  

“I think every gymnast should have the opportunity to go to a mindset coach.  It takes one thing off my own plate and provides an expert to help them, and it’s like night and day when they come back into the gym.  They just needed an outside source where they can let their guard down with someone who isn’t their coach.  As a coach that just takes one responsibility off of us and allows us to flourish as a team.”

Kasey Crawford

Collegiate Head Coach

So what else are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain … get the tools you need to succeed in the most mental sport in the world.

Here’s the thing. So many gymnasts come to us, but decided it’s too much time and money to invest now. And then they come back later when they are in crisis and ready to quit. And the work to get out of the emotional hole is enormous. But it simply doesn’t need to be that drastic. Get the tools you NEED in gymnastics now.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

When will each weeks coaching session be held?

You will be able to schedule each week within the course for a time that works for your schedule.

How long do I have to complete the course?

While you will have access to the content forever, you must complete your coaching sessions within 8 weeks. This gives you a little wiggle room, but we encourage you to make every effort to complete it 6 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Is the course appropriate for all ages and levels?

The videos are focused on 12 years old and up. However, we have worksheets to accompany the videos for 11 and under and for 12 and up.

We have done the content with athletes as young as 8 years old and they have easily understood the concepts. In fact, our younger athletes seem to understand the concepts the fastest.

In private coaching we can contextualize specifically based on age and level.

Can my whole family take the course together?

Your entire family is welcome to use one login and go throught the content. However, private coaching session packages must be purchased seperately for each each individual.