Leah is nailing her beam routines consistently in practice and is reworking one of her floor passes to get back into the lineup. But making changes to a pass you have done one way for a long time can be difficult and frustrating.

In this special podcast series, Florida Gator Leah Clapper takes you behind the scenes in her final season as she and the Gators go after a national title.
To reach her goals and to really enjoy her final season, she is doing mindset coaching with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. And she’s letting you sit in on her sessions.

In this episode, Stacie takes Leah through the process we use day in and day out to get a skill or make improvements on a skill. Tune in to learn how to approach your gymnastics like a scientist, and to use the thought model to manage your brain through the process.

Struggling with a skill you need to compete can lead to a lot of frustration and some “bad” training days. Stacie and Leah talk through how to turn it around and still have a productive practice.

In this episode
Leah updates us on her current progress.
Leah tells us about a bad day on floor, with some kersplats!
How Leah turned around the bad day to nail 5 sets on beam.
How to use the scientific method to get a skill.
How to use the thought model to get a skill.
Common thoughts that lead to frustration – and why they don’t serve you.
Leah’s new thoughts she will take into the gym today!

If you are a gymnast who has struggled to get or improve a skill, or struggled to turn around a bad day, you need this episode!