Do you ever get distracted in a meet? It’s easy to do!

Last week was Leah’s last meet in the O’Dome and senior night to boot! What a night full of emotions. Leah also got to exhibition on beam and it was full of surprises and a few distractions.
In this special podcast series, Florida Gator Leah Clapper takes you behind the scenes in her final season as she and the Gators go after a national title.
To reach her goals and to really enjoy her final season, she is doing mindset coaching with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. And she’s letting you sit in on her sessions.
In this episode, Stacie and Leah unpack her last night in the O’Dome. And her first meet competing this season!
Leah tells the story of walking out for her final time in the O’Dome.
Leah got to an exhibition on beam. She nailed her series, but then had a few distractions.
Stacie and Leah talk through processing potentially heavy or emotional situations ahead of time when possible – how to do it and what it looks like.

How to nail a full turn.
Leah’s progress on a few skills.
Competing with almost no warm-up!
Strategies for dealing with distracting thoughts and situations.
Creating a meet mindset routine to come back to.

If you have ever been distracted during a meet or knew that you were going to potentially feel emotional at a meet, this episode is for you!