It’s time to get fired up and do the work for the last half of meet season. Now that your gymnasts are in the groove for competing, they can finally focus on making the improvements they need to reach their season goals. To fix their form, hit those handstands and split requirements and stick those landings.

In this episode we talk about how we help the gymnast we work with go through the process of not only setting their goals, but figuring out every single thing they need to do to actually reach them.

Most people set goals and then just keep doing the same thing they were already doing. Goals without a plan of what needs to be done to get there rarely are achieved. Help your gymnasts break down their goals for the season with the drills, skills, corrections or mindset shifts they will need to make to achieve those goals.

You know, the things you’ve been telling them about all season. Lol. But the things they actually have the ability to concentrate on now that they are past their early meet season jitters.

In this episode
-The “Mt Everest” exercise.
-What Ali does to help the gymnasts she coaches – the “do goals” vs broad generalities.
-What Stacie does – big picture, working down to the details
-Why this is the time they will actually focus on doing the corrections you’ve been working on.
-Why you the coach need to help them set do goals and how to tie it in to the corrections you want them to make.
-How it is more effective when it comes from their brain.
-Getting to the thoughts and feelings that need changed instead of just the physical corrections.

If you want to help your gymnast actually make those corrections and score at her potential, this episode is for you!

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