Have you struggled with trying to help your gymnasts make the corrections they need to gain those extra tenths to reach their goals? Trying different things to actually make a correction or a change in a skill is often hard for a gymnast. They want perfection right away and think that anything short of that is a problem.

This prohibits them from trying different things, learning and ultimately getting the skill correctly. They get caught up in the emotional drama of not getting it right instead of exploring what they need to do to make a change.

We teach gymnasts to use the scientific method instead – to be curious about the problem and experiment until they find what works. Join us as we share how. This tool works both in digging into details during competition season, and in learning new upgrades and skills throughout the year.

In this episode:
-The scientific method as applied to gymnastics.
-How this helps them be more open to trying different changes and corrections.
-Asking good questions to improve their skills.
-If/then statements.
-Run the experiment (drill, turn, etc)
-Make corrections and observations from a testing posture and how that helps take away the emotion.
-Using curiosity and interest to make corrections and take down the pressure.
-Success and failure.
-How to deal with failure and things not working.
-Redefining failure when trying to improve skills and routines.

If you want to take the drama out of practice and help your gymnasts learn make the corrections they need to score at their potential, this episode is for you!

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