Do you and your gymnasts lose motivation to keep at it? Or do you feel like you have to keep motivating your gymnasts all the time? You might need to add in some regular celebration.

When your gymnasts think the only time they should celebrate their success is at a meet or when they hit their goal, most of their training will become unenjoyable. And unmotivating.

Teaching your gymnasts to celebrate along the way will help them create the motivation, excitement and determination they need to get to their goal.

In this episode:
– Why celebrating along the way helps your gymnasts want to set goals and go after them.
-Ali’s favorite thing to do at the end of practice to celebrate
-Creating a culture of celebration.
-How to celebrate simply.
-Using this in your gym, your family, with your staff.

If you want your gymnasts to motivate themselves and each other and create a positive mindset environment, this episode is for you!

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