If you really think about it, getting up and saluting that judge can be a very heavy feeling for some gymnasts. It’s particularly hard for those athletes who struggle with pressure. You know, the ones who “have to” hit this routine for one reason or another.

“I have to stick this beam routine or, (insert unlikely consequence here).”

In this episode:
Turning the “have to’s” in to “WANT TO’s”

Shifting an athletes’ inner dialogue from “have to” to “want to” is an extremely powerful tool. All of a sudden, “I have to stick this beam routine” becomes “I want to stick this beam routine,” and the load immediately feels lighter. “Have to” implies pressure while “want to” implies motivation. For more examples of what we teach gymnasts on this topic, head over to Instagram or Facebook. And if you want to learn more from us, including how to sign up for our monthly Coaches Clinic, check out gymnasticsmindsetacademy.com.

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