All throughout August we will be discussing how to help your gymnasts Actually think Positively. And just like July, we have everything you need, broken down into steps. Progressions for mindset skills are just like progressions for our gymnastics skills.

When your gymnast is struggling with a negative mindset, he or she often casts themselves as a victim. The beam is the problem, or the flight series is the problem which in turn, makes the gymnast experience a victim like mentality. Once the gymnast can identify that the beam is not actually the problem, it’s the thoughts they are having about the beam, they can start to work on creating a more positive experience for themselves. In this episode, Stacie and Ali teach you how to start helping your gymnast take their power back!

We have courses and coaching programs for individual gymnasts and gymnastics teams that are based on proven behavioral science. And results that speak for themselves. Invest in the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your gym or your gymnasts success. Their mind.

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