It’s that time again. The point in the year when we have to start putting the rubber to the road and start getting those routines put together. Some gymnasts are ready for this step, and it’s such an exciting time. Others however, are struggling to finalize upgrades and put pieces together.

In this episode, Ali and Stacie coach you through helping your gymnasts set realistic season goals that are challenging enough to allow them to grow throughout the season. It’s important to set big goals that are going to require your athletes to dig deep, and give them the tools to navigate through the process!

We would love to help any of your gymnasts who are still working to get their skills for season, especially those that are struggling with fear, frustration and the defeat of past failed attempts.
We are doing our signature fall mindset training, how to Overcome Fear, Frustration and Failures – one for the gymnast and one for the parent.

October 7 | 10am -12pm
October 8 | 6-8pm

October 12 | 12pm and 7pm

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Gymnastics Mindset Academy is hosting free mindset trainings on how to overcome fear, frustration and past failures to get the skills you need for season. These tools were super helpful and I would love to use them in the gym. They are hosting two more trainings – one for parents and one for gymnasts. Check out the info here: ⁠https://my.gymnasticsmindsetacademy.com/of-registration-directory⁠ and let me know if you have any questions!
We would also be so grateful if you pass our podcast on to other coaches! Or simply leave a review so other coaches can get in on the mindset magic and we can help change the culture of our sport to be a place where gymnasts are healthy, happy and know how to win.
We have courses and coaching programs for individual gymnasts and gymnastics teams that are based on proven behavioral science. And results that speak for themselves. Invest in the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your gym or your gymnasts success. Their mind.
Check us out at gymnasticsmindestacademy.com