Our Gold Membership is open until Thursday only! The best gift you can give your gymnasts AND yourself to have a team full of hardworking, self-motivated, emotionally healthy gymnasts is to encourage them to get mindset training!

Gymnasts spend countless hours training their body. But every single thing your gymnast does comes from her brain. In order to get a competitive advantage and unlock their full potential, your gymnasts must also train their brain.

Gymnastics is a mentally demanding sport. And those mental demands take a toll.

Gymnastics coaches and parents make the mistake of believing that a gymnast should get all the tools she needs from just one place – her coaches.

But your job as a gymnastics coach is to train your gymnasts in the gymnastics skills they needs. On multiple events and over time, at many different levels. That is already a lot of knowledge you must have – and teach.

And even though you are doing more than many coaches by listening to this podcast and getting mental training, it is simply not possible to spend time one on one out on the gym floor every week giving your gymnast the attention they need to figure out their brain.

Your gymnasts need the tools to deal with the natural wiring of their brains so they can overcome fear and frustration and learn to calm their competition nerves.

They need the tools to deal with perfectionism and self-doubt to learn how to compete calmly and confidently.

Gymnastics mindset training is the most effective way to help your gymnasts learn the mental skills they need to win in – and out – of the gym.

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