Our gymnasts tend to believe that failure is not an option, when in fact, failure is the only way to learn new things. We know that a baby learning to walk is going to fall over a million times before they are stable enough to walk consistently and confidently.

Along the way, we celebrate each attempt as if our child is solving world peace. The look of pride a toddler has when they topple over after taking 1 measly step is so bright.

Don’t you wish your gymnast would have that sense of pride after trying something new, even if it isn’t perfect. Gymnasts tend to have a hard time appreciating the importance of failing because it is not a desirable outcome. But we’re not talking about a long term outcome, we’re talking about mini failures that can help an athlete grow and learn and develop new skills.

In this episode, Stacie and Ali talk about how to help your athletes view failure through a new, more productive lens.

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