When we don’t actually believe “I’ve got this,” saying “I’ve got this” won’t actually help. If your brain doesn’t believe that you’ve, in fact, GOT THIS, it’s going to put up a fight and start throwing lots of icks your way, trying to convince you that there’s no way “you’ve got this.”

Affirmations are only helpful when the “I AM” statement is something the gymnast can actually get behind.

So how do you find the right affirmations for your gymnasts? Great question! In this episode, our master mindset coaches, dig in to how to help your gymnast find the right combination of affirmations and tie them to how they want to feel on each specific event. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as just believing you can.

You’ve gotta take a smaller step and believe that you’re capable, or believe that you’re learning how… it all leads to the same place eventually. AWESOMENESS. 

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