This week, we’re gearing up for competition by helping you instill some strong identity level beliefs in your gymnasts that will set them up for success this season.

We all have certain beliefs about ourselves and who we are. It’s really easy for athletes to believe their worth is contingent on their performance. They want to believe “they’ve got it”… but what will really help them is the belief that they can handle it, even when they don’t have it.

All this month, Stacie and Ali are talking about our most utilized resource, the Thought Ladder, and how it can help your gymnast go from hoping she’s got it, to believing she is capable of handling anything thrown her way. That is the true meaning of “I’ve got this.”

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We have courses and coaching programs for individual gymnasts and gymnastics teams that are based on proven behavioral science. And results that speak for themselves. Invest in the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your gym or your gymnasts success. Their mind.

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