This is the final episode of our year long Conversations with Coaches Weekly Mindset Workout series.

All month we’ve been talking about how to help your gymnast change their belief to something that will help serve them. The thought ladder is the best tool we’ve got, and we know that with practice it will be the best tool in your gymnasts tool belt as well! 

In this episode, Ali and Stacie discuss how to put the thought ladder into practice to help your athlete benefit from it. Just like learning a new skill on beam, developing the ability to use the thought ladder is a process. Each progression up the ladder takes time and dedication both in and out of the gym. 

We know believing something new is a skill that needs to be well conditioned. Writing out your gymnasts thought ladder and checking in with where they’re at intermittently will certainly help them develop stronger, more positive beliefs about themselves and their gymnastics. 

This podcast series is not meant to be something you listen to once. Rather that you use it throughout the year to get just the help you and your gymnasts need. So go back to January 1 and keep on going next year!

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We have courses and coaching programs for individual gymnasts and gymnastics  teams that are based on proven behavioral science. And results that speak for themselves. Invest in the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your gym or your gymnasts success. Their mind.

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