Have you ever tried to help your gymnasts with their mindset, asked them what they are thinking, only to have them honestly not know. It’s hard to help them understand and change their negative thoughts when they don’t even know what they are. Gymnasts often think back on what they did in practice, on the last event, on their last turn, and criticize it. And when they try to look at their thoughts to understand what is going on with their skills, they do the same. This is a problem because our brains hate to be criticized. And so it will actually hide our thoughts from us if it is afraid we are going to judge ourselves harshly. This means when your gymnast tries to figure out what she was thinking so that she can change it to something more useful, she won’t be able to see it. This week, we teach our gymnasts a mindset training activity that helps gymnasts learn to observe their thoughts in a way that helps them. Tune in! For more examples of what we teach gymnasts on this topic, head over to Instagram or Facebook. And if you want to explore how you and your team or an individual gymnast might work with us, check us out at gymnasticsmindsetacademy.com.