Have you ever been unable to compete because of an injury and struggled to believe that it was going to get better in time? Or that you will be able to come back as good as you were before?

Have you ever gone into a meet and constantly imagined all the ways things could go wrong? Or been worried that you can’t handle it if they do?

In this episode, Leah and Stacie discuss how to deal with these fears of an unwanted future and how to become confident that you can deal with anything and everything that happens.

The also talk through how to focus more time in your brain on the future you want (like hitting 4 for 4 at your next meet) and how much control you actually have over the result.

In this episode they discuss

An update on Leahs injury and how she is feeling about it.
The concept of being disappointed ahead of time and why it actually doesn’t help you.
The concept of equal airtime to turn your brain to positive outcomes.
Growing your emotional muscles and being willing and able to feel ALL the different parts of a meet without a problem.
Tune in to hear how a top NCAA gymnast deals with fear, uncertainty and everything else that comes in the journey through the last season of her NCAA career.

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