Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a top level gymnast? Sometimes, they all seem so put together, it is hard to imagine that they still struggle with fear, nerves in competition and the same thing as every other gymnast.

Florida Gator Leah Clapper is letting you in for a behind the scenes look as she get’s coached on her mindset with coach Stacie. Stacie is teaching Leah the tools we use in our program and coaching Leah on the things that every gymnasts struggles with – fear in getting new skills, nerves in competition and how to enjoy meet season more without letting it take over her brain.

In this episode, Leah is struggling to get her Shaposhnikova on bars. Combined with a pak salto, she is hoping that she can put together a bar routine that would give her the potential to make the bars line-up in her final year.

Tune in for this incredible opportunity to hear a high level gymnast let you in to her thoughts, struggles and fears as we listen in on a real, live coaching session with Leah and Stacie.

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