Leah is heading into the busiest time of the year and the end of her season – and of her gymnastics career.

So we are wrapping up Lessons with Leah this week!
In this special podcast series, Florida Gator Leah Clapper takes you behind the scenes in her final season as she and the Gators go after a national title.
To reach her goals and to really enjoy her final season, she is doing mindset coaching with Gymnastics Mindset Academy. And she’s letting you sit in on her sessions.
In this episode, Stacie and Leah talk about what Leah has learned through the series and her advice to other gymnasts about mindset training.
-Leah’s top three takeaways from mindset coaching.
-How to feel and deal with your emotions and gain the tools to deal with anything that comes your way.
-Equal airtime in looking at the positive what if’s in dealing with negative thinking.
-Visualization and how to use it in making improvements in skills and competencies.
-Leah’s thoughts on the power of mindset coaching.
-Sometimes you just need to have a neutral party to talk to and get things out of your head where you can safely take a look at them.
-Why she was skeptical at first and why it ended up being so beneficial.
-How coaching has helped her each week to get just the right tool she needed.
-Leah’s advice for anyone starting mindset coaching.

If you are wondering what you might get out of mindset training even if you already have a fairly positive mindset, this episode is for you!