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Gold Membership

$147.00 / month

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In our Gold Membership, we take what they learned in Mindset 101 and then we teach your gymnast to apply these foundational principles to her gymnastics and her life all year long. We know your world, and we follow the gymnastics year so they get just what they need, just when they need it. Whether it is setting big goals for the year, overcoming fears while learning new skills, managing their time when they go back to school in the fall, competing with confidence and performing under pressure during season – we have your gymnast covered.

Just like your gymnast learns gymnastics through drills, progressions, skills and routines, we will take them through the year giving them a tool or training they need to face the challenges of gymnastics. Each week will be one bite sized lesson, a quick yet effective coaching session and ongoing support throughout the week in our app.

This lets your gymnast effectively fit in their mindset training, and build on it throughout the year. After a year, they will know how to create a rock solid mindset that will serve not only in their sport, but for the rest of their life. Though we strongly suggest your gymnast spend a year in the program, you can always cancel at any time.

Add it all together, and you will see your gymnast transform into a happy, healthy gymnast who knows how to win – in and out of the gym.

What’s Inside

  • Weekly Workouts (10 minutes)
  • Mini Training Sessions
  • 15 Minute Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Live Group Coaching Calls

We also include

  • Additional Topical Courses
  • Additional Private Coaching (additional charge)