Discover the Exact Gymnastics Mindset Methodology that will Give You the Competitive Advantage to Reach Your Dreams.

To stand on the podium and represent your dream college or your country, you have to do more than train your body.

You must Master your Gymnastics Mindset.

Just Like These Gymnasts Have

MyKayla Skinner flipping on beam looking intently.

Thank you so much! You have been sooooo amazing! I am super grateful for your help getting me one step closer to my dreams! Couldn’t have won this medal without you guys. Forever grateful.

 ~  MyKayla Skinner | US Olympic Silver Medalist

Reach Your Dreams

It’s one thing to set your goals. Another thing entirely to do what it takes to reach them. Whether it is overcoming fear of your skills, dealing with competition nerves or another obstacle along the way, we can help you get there.

Rock Your Relationships

Relationships with teammates, coaches, family and significant others are vital to your success. And sometimes in gymnastics they can be especially complicated. We can help you thrive in your relationships as you pursue your dreams.

Deal with the Pressure

When competing at a high level, stress and pressure seem to be a daily part of your life. We will help you deal with the stress and find peace, calm and joy instead so you can actually enjoy the journey.

Navigate the Complexity

College, elite and pro level athletics requires you to navigate complex scenarios. Whether you are dealing with your NGB, the media, your agents, sponsors, or working through the recruiting process, it requires a strong mind. We can help you navigate the complexity.

Why Does Your Mindset Matter?

You spends countless hours training your body. But it is your brain that determines every move you make. Your thoughts and emotions create every result you get out on the gym floor.

So if you want to get that scholarship or go to the Olympics, you have to put in the time to train your brain. 

But not all forms of mindset training are equally effective. As former gymnasts and coaches, we  know your world. 

We have taken the best of sports psychology and combined it with proven behavioral science tools to create something entirely new. 

Master your Mind
Compete with confidence: gymnast on beam

How Will Mindset Coaching Help?

If you want to have the competitive advantage that almost all other gymnasts are missing, then you must train your mind to go beyond its naturally wired limitations.

Limitations your brain puts in place to try and keep you safe. Not just from physical danger, but from emotional dangers too.

Gymnastics is one of the most mentally demanding sports in the world – and not just because you are doing things every day that defy logic and reason.

But also because of the unique environment that creates unattainable expectations of perfection, where your teammates and best friends are also your biggest competition and where you deal with immense pressure at a very young age.

So how are you supposed to deal with all of these demands and the self-imposed limitations?

The answer is mental training.

A specialized gymnastics mental training method based on proven behavioral science, but crafted specifically for gymnasts, by people who understand gymnastics.

 Master Your Mindset Coaching 

In master your mindset coaching, you will spend 12 weeks training your brain. You will learn the gymnastics mindset methodology that will set you up for success. Successes like getting those upgrades. Getting that scholarship. Making that national, world or olympic team.

Master Your Mindset coaching packages are ideal for level 9,10 or elite level gymnasts who want to do college gymnastics or represent their country.

What’s Included

??‍? Weekly 30 minute deep dive private coaching calls. We know you are busy so we make these fast and effective.

? Access to our Gold Group Membership – weekly curriculum following just what you need for the gymnastics year, multiple courses, visulaization and mindfulness exercises, gymnasts community, parents community and weekly group coaching calls.  In addition, you get access to all of our signature courses (Mindset 101, Master Your Mental Blocks). 

? An individually customized 12 week coaching plan to meet your specific struggles and goals.

?Available for regular check-ins with your parent or coach as needed, anytime in our app and up to 3 video chats along the way.


Perform Under Pressure

Meet Your Coaches

Stacie and Ali sitting by a waterfall with flowers

Ali Havel

Ali specializes in coaching gymnasts on the college path and is passionate about helping them get recruited and then preparing them well for the college experience.

Ali was an All-American, an Academic All-American, and on the National Championship gymnastics team in 2015 at UWL. She went on to be the assistant coach, recruiting coordinator, and Jr. Eagle Gymnastics Director.

 She currently coaches levels 8-10 at Champions Gymnastics.

Ali also has a bachelors degree in Exercise & Sports Science and a masters in Human Performance- Applied Sports Science. She is also a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

Alis first became exposed to the tools and techniques we teach as a coach. When she saw how these tools worked to help her head coach and her gymnasts as they went after a national championship she was blown away. And so she went on to become a certified life coach, with a passion to bring these tools to the gymnastics community.

Stacie Fletcher

Stacie specializes in coaching gymnasts on the elite and olympic path and is passionate about helping them reach their dreams with a mentally and emotionally healthy journey to get their.

Gymnastics became Stacie’s passion at an early age, and she happily spent her childhood on into college in the gym, first as a gymnast and then as a coach. After college she went on to work in a non profit.

She began blogging to stay connected to gymnastics and became deeply involved in the elite gymnastics media world, connecting with many elite coaches, gymnasts and media in the process. Her time in the elite gymnastics world and especially her trip to Rio in 2016 ignited a passion to do whatever she could to help create avenues for more mental health and emotional support in the gymnastics community.

And so after becoming a life coach from a school based on cognitive behavioral tools, she wanted to bring those tools to every coach, gymnast and parent. For Stacie, there is nothing more satisfying than helping a gymnast reach her dreams, while teaching her the mental and emotional health tools that will help her the rest of her life.

Master Your Gymnastics Mindset Intro Session

Are you ready to set yourself up for success?

Start with a FREE Master Your Mindset strategy call to ensure that this is a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for the program.

In our strategy session we will spend about 20 minutes with you, +the gymnast. We will examine your goals, where you are now and what you will need to get there.

Then we will chat with a parent about the program.

If we decide to work together, the investment is $1997 or 3 installments of $679.

We’re ready to help you Master Your Mindset so you can reach those dreams.

Why Gymnasts Love Working with Me

Why Parents Love Our Program

“My daughter has gained so much confidence working with Stacie at Gymnastics Mindset Academy. Learning new skills is tricky… In the past she would get frustrated and wouldn’t know what she needed to do to achieve her goal. With the background the coaches have in gymnastics and being able to understand what she is going through and coach her through it is huge. The confidence and being able to know what she needs to meet her goals has helped her so much.”

~Kathryn Bell | Level 9 Parent

“We initially thought, oh gosh, another thing we have to get her on to do, we really didn’t know how important it was. But our daughter absolutely finds it so helpful! It really has made an impact on her and I have learned that gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of mental preparation and support… this program gives them the tools to be successful physically and mentally. And it is really helpful for parents too. I have learned so much listening in on her lessons”

~Michelle Swope | Level 7 Parent

“I talked with my daughter’s coach the other day and she told me how she is a totally different person in the gym compared to where she was last year. Her coach said she is so much more confident and happy. I guess they also overheard her talking with a teammate about her mindset training and how if you actually put the work it, it works, imagine that! I am so thankful she has you and is now seeing the benefits. She never complains about meeting.”

~ Michelle Nelson | Level 10 Parent

Why Coaches Love Our Program

“We absolutely loved your mindset program!  We thought Stacie and Ali were wonderful and gave some really awesome tools for not only the girls but us coaches as well. We have encouraged parents to look into your individual coaching sessions.”

~Micaela Barr | Omega Gymnastics

“I think every gymnast should have the opportunity to go to a mindset coach. It takes one thing off my own plate and provides an expert to help them for 15 minutes, and it’s like night and day when they come back into the gym. They just needed an outside source where they can let their guard down with someone who isn’t their coach. As a coach that just takes one responsibility off of us and allows us to flourish as a team.”

~Kasey Crawford | Collegiate Head Coach