Day 10: Your Actions Create Your Results


The effect your actions or inactions gives is a specific result. It is always the evidence of your original thought.

You see, your brain LOVES to prove itself right. You will always be looking for evidence that a thought you think is true. 

In addition to looking for evidence outside of yourself, you will also be taking actions in your life to create that evidence. Your brain will do whatever it takes to prove to yourself that your thought is true. 

And so the model comes full circle with results that prove your thought true. 

You know how often you say, I KNEW this would happen! But so often, “this happened” because you took actions that prove the thought true. 

Your brain hates being wrong so much, that you will do just about anything to prove yourself right. Even when it is the exact opposite of the results that you want. 

In order to understand the full effect a thought is having on your life, you must follow it through to see the results it creates. This is why changing your thoughts is so powerful. It is not some hocus pocus magic to believe a new thought. Follow the model all the way through and different thoughts create different results.


  • What are the results you are really wanting in your life? Are you honestly taking action to get those?
  • What are the normal, everyday actions you are taking? Are they getting you the results that you want?
  • What actions that you know would get you the results you want aren’t you taking?
  • Are you willing to keep taking action no matter what it takes to reach your dreams?

Take Action

Spend 5-10 minutes downloading your thoughts in general or about a specific circumstance in your life. 

Take one of those thoughts and run in through the model. 

Now, take the result and run the model backward, from the bottom up.

What actions would you need to drive that result. 

What feeling would drive that action? 

What thoughts might lead to that feeling?

Can you believe that thought? If so, begin practicing believing and thinking it often to help you get the result. If not, try putting words like, I am willing to consider, I am learning, I am working on believing in front of the thought to help you work towards it.

Learning how to take the kind of action to achieve the results you are dreaming of is the final piece of the puzzle. Watch the foundational video below.