Get the proven mindset methodology your gymnast needs to get their skills and hit consistently.

(so they can reach their gymnastics dreams)

Get the proven mindset methodology your gymnast needs to get their skills and hit consistently in competition.

(so they can go after that gymnastics gold)


Get Mindset Coaching 

Master Your Gymnastics Mindset

Self- Study Course with

Ask A Coach & Community

For Competitive Gymnasts
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1:1 Mindset Coaching

Master Your Gymnastics Mindset Course plus 1:1 Coaching Packages

For Competitive Gymnasts
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Team Trainings

Team Training Packages

For Competitive Gymnastics Teams


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Master Your Gymnastics Mindset

Self Study Course

For competitive gymnasts who prefer to learn at their own pace. 

What’s Included:

  • Video lessons, step-by-step worksheets, activities and quizzes.
  • On the go access to the course anytime in our app.
  • Coaching call replays on demand.

This is the Right Fit for You if:

  • You want instant access to our proven course curriculum with on-demand trainings, mindset resources, and coaching replays.
  • You prefer the flexibility of a self-study program that you can watch and learn from on your own time frame.
  • You’re committed to learning the gymnastics mindset model and motivated to get through the course on your own.
  • You’d like to explore the content and teaching style before committing to a coaching program

Master Your Gymnastics Mindset

Course with 1:1 Coaching

For competitive gymnasts who prefer to learn with a dedicated 1:1 coach.  

Includes instant access to everything in the course plus 6 1:1 coaching sessions.


  • You are a level 6-10/elite gymnast who has big goals and dreams and want the training and support you need to get there.
  • You prefer the accountability and support of a 1:1 coach to actually implement the mindset training to it’s fullest potential.
  • You’re struggling with a mental block, competition anxiety or the pressure and stress of gymnastics and want the individualized attention from an expert coach to get through it.

Team Trainings

Team Trainings

We help coaches develop a team full of self-motivated, hardworking gymnasts who can hit consistently so you can all enjoy productive practices and confident competitions.

Choose from our three training topics, tailored to each part of the gymnastics year.

  • 2 hour training with your gymnasts and coaches.
  • A parent training video 
  • A mini course for your gymnasts so they can continue to master the principles.

Season Package

Buy a season package and you can get all three team training packages at a discount. Use them throughout the year so that your gymnasts and coaches receive the mental performance training they need in each unique part of the gymnastics year.

  • August – November | Overcome Fear
  • December – February |  Calm Your Competition Nerves
  • March – May | ACTUALLY Think Positively



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