For Individual Gymnasts


Gold Membership

💪 Your gymnast will learn to overcome their fears so they no longer hold them back.

😌 Your gymnast will learn to deal with negative emotions so they can enjoy their journey.

💭 Your gymnast will be coached in real time so they can learn to apply these tools and reach their dreams.

📆 Laser focused weekly workouts with a video and worksheet that will take less than 10 minutes.

👩🏻‍💻 Weekly 15 min private coaching call with one of our certified coaches to apply the lessons and make progress in the gym.

📱Access to our content and coaches in our app for questions anytime.

*We only open the Gold Membership quarterly for4 days so we can better focus on serving and coaching our Gold Members. Join the waitlist, but if it says open now, you need to act fast!

Deep Dive Coaching

🥇Everything in the Gold Membership

🤸🏽‍♀️ Make significant progress in a short time

🤯 Learn foundational mindset skills that change the way your gymnast thinks about herself and life.

😳 Deal with deeper issues like perfectionism, anxiety, stress or other tendencies that lead your gymnast to struggle in the gym and later in life.

👩🏻‍💻 Weekly 30 minute deep dive private coaching call with one of our certified coaches.

📆 12 Weeks with a dedicated coach of your choice.

📱Access to her coach in our app for questions and help anytime.

Start with a free intro call to ensure that your gymnast is a good fit for deep dive coaching.

*Based on current availability, usually no more than 12 spots at a time. Once they are full, you can join our waitlist for the next available opening.  




How can your gymnasts get the skills they are scared of without the mindset training to overcome their naturally wired fears?

We help gymnasts get the skills they are scared of so they can enjoy productive practices and be prepared for a fun and successful season.

In this introductory mini-course we will help your gymnast understand her brain based on proven behavioral science and give her the tools she needs to master the emotions and beliefs that are blocking her.

What’s Inside:

  • A simple four step process we call the Four F’s your gymnast can use in the gym again and again to deal with fear and frustration.
  • A training video and worksheet on each of the Four F’s to Overcome Fear, Frustration and Past Failure.
  • A two hour recorded training session where we take a group of gymnasts through all the videos and exercises. 

$97 $19.97 for 3 days only!

Master Mental Blocks

 Work through fears, find renewed motivation and build a powerful mindset so your gymnasts can get the skills she needs this season and compete at the level she really wants.

We help her achieve her dreams by teaching her simple, effective tools she can use in the gym to get those new skills in this 8 module course.

🏅 Your gymnast will learn to understand her brain so she can get the skills she wants this season.

💪 Your gymnast will learn the MOST EFFECTIVE  strategies she can use to overcome her fears so she can get those upgrades.

😌 Your gymnast will learn eight new tools to use in the gym so she can manage her mind and master her emotions so she can enjoy the journey.

    Mindset 101

    Just like your gymnast learns basic gymnastics complexes that take her through the foundational shapes and movements that she can then apply to the rest of her gymnastics, Mindset 101 is her go to gymnastics mindset complex. In this course we teach her four powerful mindset principles wrapped into one simple, effective tool she can use in the gym and in the rest of life.

    🏅 Your gymnast will understand her brain so she can manage her mindset and the negative thoughts that keep her from succeeding.

    💪 Your gymnast will deal with the negative emotions that derail her progress and enjoyment of gymnastics (and life).

    😌 Your gymnast will understand how her current thoughts are playing out in her life and find new ones that actually work  so she can actually enjoy the journey while reaching her goals and dreams.

    For GymnasticsTeams

    Team Trainings

    We help coaches develop a team full of self-motivated, hardworking gymnasts who can hit consistently so you can all enjoy productive practices and confident competitions.

    Choose from our three training topics, tailored to each part of the gymnastics year.

    • 2 hour training with your gymnasts and coaches.
    • A 30 minute session for parents
    • A mini course for your gymnasts so they can continue to master the principles.

    Season Package

    Buy a season package and you can get all three team training packages at a discount. Use them throughout the year so that your gymnasts and coaches receive the mental performance training they need in each unique part of the gymnastics year.

    • August – November | Overcome Fear
    • December – February |  Compete with Confidence
    • March – May | ACTUALLY Think Positively


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    You will receive a dedicated link with a discounted offer. Share that offer with your gymnasts or other coaches. For each gymnast or team who signs up with us using your link, we will credit your gym $50.

    Use that toward a team training, to scholarship a gymnast or we will send you cash. It’s your choice!

    Free Intro Session

    Free Intro Session


    Want to know more about how we can help your team or individual gymnast?

    Let’s strategize together about the needs for your team and how we can help.

    Or send this link to the parents of they gymnasts you have in mind. 


    Let’s chat about how we can help your gymnast overcome fears, compete with confidence and make the level or team she is dreaming of.

    Schedule a free intro session today. We will coach her on the most pressing things she is dealing with and then chat with you about the next best steps.